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Photos of the burnt area, 9 July

Most of the ground is now covered with ferns and acacia ptychoclada. In 2018 we had little rain in July, August, and September, and good falls only in October. It will be interesting to see what happens if the rain pattern is repeated this year.


Acacia along Jamison Creek

In my post in January on the regrowth of the burnt area, I remarked how the ferns were coming back. We now have lots and lots of acacia ptychoclada appearing

acacia ptychoclada
acacia ptychoclada

It’s a tall spindly plant with yellow ball flowers, and I am told, uncommon. You can see some larger specimens adjacent to the boardwalk on the track from the Fairmont to Empress Falls.

Some more photos of the area follow.

Lots of acacia

A thicket of acacia
The slope is covered by acacia

I’d guess that in three or four months the acacia will be two metres tall and quite spectacular when in flower. We may need some signs identifying them!


Along Jamison Creek, even more ferns!

It’s been a year since the fire, so here are some more photos (taken on Tuesday 15th January)

note the buildings on the top of the hill

At first hanging swamp

lots of ferns

small trees are coming back

The fallen tree is doing well.

ferns and grasses

great regrowth

lots of ferns

great change since October

this was bare in October. A lot of the tea-trees have died.



note the old trailer

ferns and grasses

Overall the area is doing well and is much improved since September/October, when lack of rain killed off most of the regrowth. If we get reasonable rain over the next few months, the area should be on the way to complete recovery.




During the rain

Some photos about noon on 28 November, after 80 mm of rain

lots of mulch washed away!

major overflow!

Central Park waterfall!

a lot of water

The ditch, on Falls Rd side, overflowing

My lovely path, washed away!

we need a bridge


Planting 24 May

After a hard mornings weeding,

we did some planting:

Work has started on the bio-filtration unit on the other side of the Park. I took two photos of the fine placement of rocks in the ditch.



The blechnum has arrived!

along the Creek, where it was burnt.

Photos taken on 29 April

Taken from the Fletcher St track, there is much more greenery than last time.

First overhang

Many ferns

More green (the ‘smoky’ look is because I was shooting into the sun.)

looking back towards Jamieson St

Note the leaves on the eucalypt

small plants (like duckweed) growing well here

Not much regrowth here

or here

Looking back to the previous photo, from the other side of the creek.

but 20 m further up is better.

site of the old trailer

same position as the previous photo, but looking 90 degrees clockwise.

So, much improved generally, with regrowth slow on the steeper slopes.

But there are some monbretia. There are reports of Drosera, but I didn’t see any, and there is no broom.


Photos March 3rd

Of the western side of the Park, where Council has done some clearing

Looking NE

From near the bridge

Note the house in the background

The ditch has been cleaned out.

More to come.



After the fire along Jamison Creek

The fire burnt along the western side of the Creek, from about 100 metres from the Fletcher St track junction, to about 200 metres short of the Parkes St track junction. It started about 12.05 am on Monday 22nd. These photos were taken on Friday 26th at about 3.30 pm.

First burnt area, 33º 43′ 13.290″, 150º 22′ 38.030″

You can find the metadata (including co-ordinates) of any photo using Metapicz . There is also a Firefox extension that shows the data.


Note the buildings at the top

Some of the walkway timbers were charred.

Caused by two fireworks.