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Planting 24 May

After a hard mornings weeding,

we did some planting:

Work has started on the bio-filtration unit on the other side of the Park. I took two photos of the fine placement of rocks in the ditch.




We went looking for weeds and found lots of the usual, but also Erica and Broom


We came across a blue tongue lizard

Blue Tongue Lizard

A very good day!

Next meeting is 26th October, from 9 am.


May work

Lots of weeding, and lots of mulching

mulch on the path

we covered that with pine mulch to make

a yellow brick road!

We saw a huge moth

We meet again on Thursday 22nd at 9 am, to continue mulching and weeding, maybe on the other side of the Park.



The day started out as misty

We put out a lot of mulch along the creek line

(note the cedar wattle flowering in the background)

Finally the mist cleared

revealing a much smaller mulch pile.

We weeded a lot of montbretia and honeysuckle and other weeds.


August photos

We weeded some Agapanthus

A good  agapanthus.

A good Agapanthus.

Vivienne admiring her work

Vivienne admiring her work

and found a new weed, the Blue Bell creeper from WA, Billardiera fusiformis

Blue Bell creeper

Blue Bell creeper

Blue Bell creeper

Blue Bell creeper

The September meeting will be on 22nd, in Central Street again, from 9am.