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Along Jamison Creek, even more ferns!

It’s been a year since the fire, so here are some more photos (taken on Tuesday 15th January)

note the buildings on the top of the hill

At first hanging swamp

lots of ferns

small trees are coming back

The fallen tree is doing well.

ferns and grasses

great regrowth

lots of ferns

great change since October

this was bare in October. A lot of the tea-trees have died.



note the old trailer

ferns and grasses

Overall the area is doing well and is much improved since September/October, when lack of rain killed off most of the regrowth. If we get reasonable rain over the next few months, the area should be on the way to complete recovery.




During the rain

Some photos about noon on 28 November, after 80 mm of rain

lots of mulch washed away!

major overflow!

Central Park waterfall!

a lot of water

The ditch, on Falls Rd side, overflowing

My lovely path, washed away!

we need a bridge


Planting 24 May

After a hard mornings weeding,

we did some planting:

Work has started on the bio-filtration unit on the other side of the Park. I took two photos of the fine placement of rocks in the ditch.



Photos March 3rd

Of the western side of the Park, where Council has done some clearing

Looking NE

From near the bridge

Note the house in the background

The ditch has been cleaned out.

More to come.



Photos January – before stormwater work

Some photos on the western side of the Park, where the council will be doing some hydrological work soon (we hope)

From the bridge, looking SW

From the bridge, looking SW

Looking NE

From the bridge, looking NE

From the bridge, looking N

From the bridge, looking W

Looking NE

Looking NE, near the maple tree

Looking NE, near the maple tree

Looking E, near the maple tree

Looking NE

We meet next on 22nd February.


April photos

Bee hotels made at the Picnic

and one made earlier

Council have put in some rocks to stabilise the creek bed and provide stepping stones


and the creek bank has been lined with hessian to stabilise it.


Rain, March

I went to the Park this morning to look at the creeks

Creek on Central St side, the wooden bridge is in the bottom right

A waterfall in the creek! Bridge is in lower left.

I have crossed the bridge.

Falls Rd side, on the path

Falls Rd side, we will have work to do!

A bit further down

The path is under water on the left, the mulch pile is out of shot to the right.

Looking north

Looking west.

Lots to be done.